Blue Phoenix

Nobody is sure whether he's a man or a machine!


Blue Phoenix is a console cowboy with very complex and paranoid behaviors. To some he’s a truly miraculous hacker. To others he is rumored to be a fairly well-adjusted (but somehow nefarious) AI. The enigma is that nobody is 100% sure that he is either. And in some circles he is rumored to be a construct: a team of hackers stacked up through a single entity-interface, each member of the team working in a gestalt symphony to provide a unified personality that is their own atypical blend. But those are all just rumors.

The problem with identity is that nobody seems to have met the guy in person. Or has he has put it on more than one occasion: “You have met me, face-to-face. you just didn’t recognize me…” Maybe it’s possible for such a strong, obscure ’net personality to have easily-forgettable real-world looks. Bet he got ’em done that way on purpose, every view a different angle on the “everyman” perspective.

But beyond the identity challenge, Blue Phoenix is a better-than adept netrunner, and he’s well worth what he charges. (He’s incredibly expensive, but he delivers premium service for the nuyen.)


Blue Phoenix

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