Boris "The Spider" Volkov

Contact: Company Man


Boris is an agent for the Ares MacroTechnology Corporation. As the description says, he seems to be a free and easy gentleman, almost always dressed business casual, and enjoying ice cream if possible. That’s almost his signature move: enjoying an ice cream cone during a blizzard, for example. If it’s at all possible, he will appear to be enjoying this confectionary treat whenever and whereever he is encountered.

But don’t let that seemingly simple-minded attachment fool you: Boris is every bit the Prime Runner, and he has the level of corporate backing that makes him extremely dangerous, unlike many Shadow threats. His application of Stealth, Tactics, and Weaponry – coupled with his ability to seemingly get anything he wants/needs to accomplish the mission – makes him seem utterly god-like. Good thing he doesn’t often have to “deliver a message” for his bosses.

Boris is unusually “in tune” with corporate news, intel, and developments.


Uses: Sensitive corporate information, higher-level corporate

Places to Meet: Back rooms in bars, private places

Similar Contacts: Corporate security guard, corporate wage slave, hit man

A generous, steady paycheck and a fantastic benefits package long ago purchased the company man’s continued loyalty. Now, if the company needs a problem to go away, he makes sure that the disappearing act happens. Cold as ice on the job, these professionals make it clear that it’s never a personal matter—they’re just taking care of business. Of course, if they’re betrayed by their organization or led to believe they’ve been betrayed, they know where all the skeletons are kept. Their loyalty to the parent corporation can also be a valuable tool. In their role, they often see and hear things about their competitors, and they’re always willing to share that information.

Boris "The Spider" Volkov

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