Clyde McManus

McManus Arms - When ONLY the BEST will DO!


Clyde McManus is a freelance specialist dealing in arms and armaments. Dealing with Clyde always leads to a surreal experience: for example, one group of runners needed to make an “emergency” purchase of special ammunition, and needed it within four hours. After securing the payment(s), he assured them that their merchandise would be in their hands in “four hours or less”. Sure enough, as the group started for their van in the parking deck, they were intercepted by a Pizza Delivery boy riding a bicycle with five boxed pizzas riding in the rear cargo rack, all wrapped up in the thermal packing cloak employed to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. After the delivery boy spoke the right phrase (“…four hours or less, or it’s free” he practically warbled) the runners took delivery, tipped the delivery boy, and went on about their business. (“My, but these pizzas are heavy…” “Yeah, they’re enriched with iron and stuff…”)

McManus Arms – dealing not only in man-portable arms but vehicle-mounted armaments as well! Good prices, excellent service, and outstanding product! McManus Arms!


Clyde McManus

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