Gerald Chin, DDS

Contact: Street Doc


Publicly rated as a dentist, Doc Chin is one of the Shadow’s foremost flesh-menders and a noted specialist in cyberware augmentations up to (and including) the Alpha level. It is rumored that he has performed Delta-level operations, but nobody has ever been able to verify it, so your mileage may vary.

He can be found in the Bronx, Baychester area, at [140 De Kruif Place, Bronx, NY 10475] in the Advanced Dental Group building. His actual office moves (within that enormous complex) from time to time, so it’s next to impossible to know where his office is without placing a call to him beforehand.

A note about Doc Chin and his (apparent) paranoia: unless you meet him at the office, it seems that he doesn’t exist. Nobody has ever successfully made direct contact with him outside his office, and the speculation this breeds is far too large to include here. When asked directly about it, Doc Chin simply responds “It is pleasant that there are still mysteries in this world, isn’t it?” and drops the subject.


Street Doc

Uses: Medical care, information, additional contacts, gear (drugs)

Places to Meet: Local clinic, body shop

Similar Contacts: EMT, Ambulance driver, street mage/shaman

It’s not always convenient to visit the local emergency room when you get shot up on a run, and if you haven’t been keeping up on your DocWagon contract payments, a street doc can mean the difference between seeing another day and becoming some ghoul’s next meal.

Operating out of local neighborhood clinics and body shops, street docs don’t ask too many questions about who they’re treating and why, and often they don’t charge you an arm and a leg (literally or figuratively) for their services. On the other hand, not all of them are technically doctors, either—you might be trusting your life to a medical-school dropout, ex-combat medic, or nurse—but as they say, you pays your nuyen and you takes your chances. Still, when you’re bleeding from that sucking chest wound and too hot to risk legitimate medical care, the street doc might just be the best friend you have.

In addition to patching up wounds and handing out drugs (legal and otherwise), many street docs also maintain a thriving business installing cyberware — usually used, often salvaged from runners who weren’t as lucky as you. Sometimes you can get a very good deal this way, but as always, caveat emptor. It pays to get to know your street doc and keep him happy, not only because he’ll treat you better and cheaper that way, but also because it’s never a good idea to piss off a guy who deals with you when you’re unconscious. The organleggers pay very well for spare parts these days …

Gerald Chin, DDS

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