Slim "Gotchya'" Willard

"Yeah, I gotchya'. Right. Right I gotchya'. No, really..."


Slim is one of those people who is of indeterminant age, and seems to have been hip for most of it. One thing is sure, he’s always eager to lend an ear, if only to see where he might better apply his services. Oh, and people pay for his services. Nothing for nothing, but the alternatives are always brighter, and easier to deal with, All it takes is a little nuyen, sometimes a little more, but it’s always worth it.

You see, Slim Willard is a businessman, one of many different talents and possibilities. He knows a lot of people, and has a mental card catalog of what each of these people has to offer, and how much their gong prices tend to be, and he has very little trouble cross-referencing friends to arrange an incredibly beneficial team-up. For a fee, of course. Good resource-managers are really hard to come by, on the mean streets out there.


Slim "Gotchya'" Willard

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