Cryptonomicon logo slotwise

378 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

The Cryptonomicon is a really impressive high-tech dance club. On event weekends (which occur quite often, lately) the line forms around the block, complete with VIP arrivals at strategically advantageous times. Music is often provided live, and the sound-system drives it into those in attendance at what feels like the quantum level. That and the multi-phase lightshows, combined with the somewhat intrusive AR displays make attending an event at the Cryptonomicon a fully-immersive experience. And that’s what makes it so popular.

Hours of Operation: Normal party hours are 1800-0400 Fri-Sat-Sun, but other times are available for special events (read “if the ¥¥¥ is right”).

There are three “levels” of membership – despite the fact that they entertain all people anyway. Members get to enjoy expanded privileges and perks, making it quite worth the nuyen as an investment.

The first “level” of membership, the least expensive (and easiest to acquire) is the “Blue” or “Glowstick” level of membership. At ¥100/month this level of membership allows for earlier entry times (sometimes as early as 1600!) and access to some of the special events (public dances, various parties, etc.)

The second “level” is the “Red” or “Neon” level, and at ¥250/month this membership separates the sheep from the cattle. In addition to access to virtually every special event or party, and the earlier entry times (just like the “Glowstick” level), this level of membership allows access to restricted suites, private meeting rooms, and a small amount of secured/locked storage – a place for your stuff for when you’re partying on the dance floor. Security overwatch is also provided at no extra cost for those who request it.

The third “level” of membership is referred to as the “Gold” or “Corona” level. This is the VIP level, and it comes with a ¥ 1,000/month price – and there are a limited number of them available at any given time. Yes, this means that a Crypto’ “Corona” membership is openly trade-able as a commodity, and the locals respect it thusly. This level of access gives the bearer a special VIP entrance (not the front door, but the vaulted entryway to the left of the front door) and a red carpet path – bypassing the “lesser” memberships that lead into the front doors. (Great for making a splash with an entrance…) Security and a Secured Vault are standard, as well as registered/reserved seating, access to any restricted suite or room, access to rumored hidden, secure, or other locations, and exclusive access to the Cryptonomicon special ’net connection.

The Cryptonomicon is the high-tech party location, well-respected and incredibly high profile, yet it attracts people from all walks of life. At a given event you can easily recognize the four strata of club access: the VIPs, the Notables, the Casuals, and Everyone Else (sometimes referred to as “The Rabble” on a bad night…). But through it all everyone seems to have a great time.


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