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Hey Chummers! Too bad you’se could make it! Well, misery loves comp’ny, so you might as well stand over here near the fires and make yourse’f comfortable while we spin a yarn or two.

We’re using the ShadowRun 4 (25th Anniversary Edition!) ruleset, and the scene is set in wonderful New York City: all five boroughs – take your pick! And just because you’re bored down in Staten Island doesn’t mean that some jerks across the bridge in lower Manhattan aren’t just starting off on a journey to add excitement to your life! Hey – if you’re creative enough, you might have what it takes to make their lives exciting, too!

It is suggested that you acquire (and use) HeroLab if possible to keep up with your character’s stats, details, etc. It’s simply incredible what they’ve done with their ShadowRun game support, and now I too am a raving supporter! It saves time and effort – you need only transfer the .POR file to “get your points across”. Better than I had imagined – this is the tool to keep your character up to date, and have all of your stats, details, etc. right at hand while you play. Only a suggestion, true, but a highly-ranked suggestion: you could do a lot worse, and it leaves paper CRS’s out in the arctic – it’s simply that amazing!

The Shadows from Hell's Kitchen

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